Enhancing Product Management for U.S. Polo with Custom Metafield Application

Jul 02, 2024Amit Gupta
Enhancing Product Management for U.S. Polo with Custom Metafield Application

Problem Statement:

U.S. Polo, a renowned global brand, faced a significant challenge in incorporating Color filters on their Collection page using product metafields. The main hurdle was the massive scale of the task, as it involved updating metafield information for product variants across multiple global stores (10+). This presented a complex and time-consuming problem, hindering the brand’s ability to provide a seamless shopping experience for their customers.

Solution Implementation:

To overcome this challenge, we developed a tailored application specifically designed for U.S. Polo. Our solution not only addressed the immediate needs but also ensured scalability for future requirements. Here’s how we did it:

1. Tailored Application Development

Our team engineered a custom application that allows U.S. Polo to generate Size lists within the app. This application is intuitive and designed with user-friendliness in mind, enabling the team to manage metafields efficiently.

2. Seamless Metafield Updates

The core functionality of our application lies in its ability to seamlessly update metafields based on variant option values. This automation dramatically reduces manual effort and ensures that updates are completed swiftly, typically within minutes, even across multiple stores.

3. Multi-Store Management

Managing product variants across more than 10 global stores is no small feat. Our application is designed to handle this complexity, ensuring that metafield updates are accurately reflected in all stores. This centralized approach simplifies what would otherwise be a highly fragmented and labor-intensive process.

4. Future-Proof Solution

As U.S. Polo continues to grow and expand its product line, our application is built to accommodate future updates effortlessly. Whether new products or variants are added, the application ensures that all metafields are updated in real-time, maintaining consistency across all stores.

5. Improved User Experience

By effectively managing metafields, U.S. Polo can now provide accurate Color filters on their Collection page. This improvement enhances the customer shopping experience, allowing them to easily find products that match their preferences.


Our custom application has revolutionized the way U.S. Polo manages their product catalog across multiple global stores. By automating the update process of metafields, we have significantly reduced manual effort and ensured data accuracy. This solution not only meets their current needs but is also scalable for future growth. As a result, U.S. Polo can now offer an enhanced shopping experience, with accurate and consistent product information across all their global stores.

Kindly check out the work here: https://www.uspoloassn.co.uk/